Tired of Roofing Contractors knocking on your door? - How do you choose someone you can trust?

Now that several of our neighbors have gotten new roofs replaced because of the Irma storm that came through on September 11th, the floodgates of Roofing Contractors will be coming through the neighborhood and knocking on your door.  I put together the following points to consider when evaluating what your next steps should be:

Even if you have had your roof examined in the past, when the Irma Storm went through on 9/11, it brought with it very high winds that may have damaged your roof shingles. You probably need to get a QUALIFIED Contractor to come out and do a FREE roof analysis on your roof to make sure you don’t have any damage. This should be FREE, with NO PRESSURE.

  1. Walk around and do a personal inspection of your own roof – Are there any missing or displaced shingles? This could be just an easy repair, but shingles may have been creased, which you cannot see from the ground. Any light brown spots on the ceiling inside your home? Either way, get it fixed or checked out before it becomes a bigger issue.
  2. Do your homework and check out the qualifications of Contractors that you are considering - Go to the BBB website to check out their ratings. Check out their reviews of other homeowners on the internet.  Ask for a REFERENCE list of other customers that you can call.  You probably will only replace one roof in your lifetime, make sure you do it right.
  3. Make sure the Contractor brings value to you - There is a big difference between what is “acceptable” to the insurance companies and what is the best options available to you for little or no upgrade charges. You only get what you ask for. Have your Contractor explain the difference between Architectural vs. 3-tab shingles, Synthetic vs. Paper Felt, True Starter vs. Flipping 3-Tabs, True Hip & Ridge vs. Cutting 3-Tabs, Ridge Vents vs. Box Vents.  Evaluate Warranties, Performance and Cost when considering a roof system that is going to protect your home for the next 30+ years.
  4. Does the Contractor have Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage? – If something happens during your roof install, will the Roofing Contractors insurance take care of it, or will you have to pay for it? Verify insurance coverage at ewccv.com/cvs/. 
  5. Make sure your Contractor has a Certified Public Adjuster – Roofing Contractors CANNOT represent you and your interests in negotiating with insurance companies (GA House Bill 610). Do not allow anyone to commit insurance fraud while “representing” your claim.
  6. Get everything in WRITING and look at the small print before signing ANYTHING.
  1. Make sure that the Roofing Contractor has an onsite supervisor that works for them - Many Roofing Contractors have a sales person that sells you the job, and then they hire the lowest bidder crew to install it. Make sure that your chosen Roofing Contractor has someone that will be at your roof installation all day to answer your questions and to make sure that the roof is being installed properly with everything that you were told was going to be installed. Once the roof is on, you can’t tell if it was installed correctly until it starts to leak months or years later.  Again, you get what you ask or pay for.
  1. Do NOT pay anything until the day the materials are delivered, and the work has begun - You have heard and seen on the news the horror stories of homeowners being ripped off. Don’t be a victim!  Get EDGEucated on the process.
  2. Make sure the Contractor is using the best materials and make sure you know what the shingles are going to look like on your roof BEFORE it is installed - Brochures are printed material and your chosen color or style may not look exactly like the picture. Ask for sample boards or addresses of homes where your chosen roof has been installed.
  3. Make sure you evaluate extended warranties - Lifetime is NOT always “Lifetime”, read the small print. Most shingles are “LIMITED” Lifetime, which means they don’t prorate until after 10 years and then start to prorate every year until they get down to 20% of the original value and that is what is “Lifetime” only to the original homeowner.  There is a BIG difference between the manufacture warranty and the Contractor’s “Workmanship” warranty.  The manufacturer warranty protects you against bad products, BUT it has no protection against a poor installation.

I have spent over 12 years in the roofing business as a Manufacturers Area Sales Manager, a District Sales Manager for a Roofing Distributor and the General Manager for a Roofing Contractor.  I am available and qualified to answer any questions you may have to make sure you get the best roof possible for your home.  Please call me at 678-725-2672 or e-mail me at BradDunn@roofsbyedge.com if I can help answer any questions. I want to make sure all my neighbors have beautiful new roofs that will last a very long time!

I hope this information helps you make the best decision for you, regardless of who you choose.  Please call us if there is anything we can do to help!